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— Napoleon Bonaparte

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The Man Bouquet


I skipped across The Dating Divas blog recently on Pinterest and got sucked in! This blog has a ton of great ideas for date nights, anniversaries, and more—including this cute and creative Valentine’s Day idea for the man in your life. Enjoy!


  • large opaque vase
  • kabob sticks
  • styrofoam
  • colored shredded crinkle paper
  • various small candy bars and treats, gift card, etc.
  • clear tape


  1. Fill an opaque vase (you don’t want to be able to see through it) with styrofoam.
  2. Next, take your small gifts and treats, and tape each one to its own dowel rod or kabob stick. I used kabob sticks, and they work really well since they are thin and have a sharp point on the end. Some candy bars are heavier than others, so you may have to wrap the tape completely around the candy bar to get it to stay on the stick.
  3. Cover the Styrofoam with the colored shredded paper.
  4. Last, arrange the items in the basket, sliding the dowel rods or kabob sticks into the styrofoam, and you’ve got a Man Bouquet! 

(Stolen from The Dating Divas)

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